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    No shoes for you!

    From: Steven, 30, Boston, MA

    My wife is a lunatic now.  She is almost in her 6th month. She whines and complains about everything.  Last week she flipped out on me.  I told her that I wanted to buy her a new pair of shoes, because the ones she had on smelled.  I thought that it was nice gesture, what woman doesn’t want her husband to buy her a new pair of shoes?!?

    Well, she went crazy.  She started saying horrible things to me and bringing things from the past that aren’t even relevant anymore, like how I waste money on things she doesn’t like.

    Then, she took the salad I was eating and threw it in my face.  Yes, she threw my salad in my face.  Salad dressing was everywhere; lettuce all over the house.

    Needless to say, I am in the dog house and all I wanted to do was buy her a pair of shoes.

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    My heart will go on…

    From: Jason, Arlington, TX

    Remember these?  Double box VHS tapes. 

    Well, I said something that irritated my lady and the Titanic double VHS set came hurling at my head. 

    Lucky for me I ducked!

    What prompted the double VHS tape to be hurled at your head? It was a long time ago, we are talking about VHS tapes, aren’t we?  Simply said: She was crazy. And pregnant.

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    The icing on the “cup” cake

    Eric, 34, McKinney, TX

    My wife was about 10 weeks pregnant at the time.  I got home from work a little early and decided I would cook her favorite meal for dinner.  Everything went as planned and she loved the meal.  When the meal ended she said that she was craving dessert from this mom and pop cupcake shop 25 minutes from our house.  As a good husband, I didn’t protest, I simply got in my car and drove 1 hour round trip to get her this cupcake she wanted.  When I returned home I proudly presented her the cupcake she had requested.

    She looked at it and said, “I wanted strawberry frosting” and threw the cupcake down at the ground, destroying it.

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    Who ya gonna call?

    Steve, 41, Broomfield, CO

    I have three kids and the theme throughout all 3 pregnancies was the same.

    My wife asked me to cook her Spaghetti.  I made an excuse why I didn’t want to.  She called 911.

    My wife asked me to turn off a Broncos game that was in OT.  I made an excuse why I didn’t want to.  She called 911.

    My wife asked me to buy her a new house (6 months after we just bought a house). I made an excuse why I didn’t want to.  She called 911.

    My wife wanted to buy a Porsche when we can barely afford a Honda Civic.  I made an excuse why I didn’t want to.  She called 911.

    My advice to all men, just tell your pregnant wife “yes”, and hope she forgets about it later.

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    Don’t throw out the junk mail

    Bobby, 29, Dearborn, MI

    My wife was in the kitchen cooking and she asked me to get the mail.  I went out to the mailbox to get the mail.  As usual it was filled with bullsh*t advertisements, credit card applications, etc.  So I picked out the useless mail and threw it away.  She didn’t like that I threw away the mail before she looked at it and asked me to remove it from the trash.  I told her that it was BS mail and that I wasn’t taking it out of the trash.  Before I had time to react, an egg, yes, a hard egg came hurling at my head.  Fortunately, she was a bad aim.  She grabbed her purse and stormed out of the house.