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You are probably wondering, what is  Well, if you’re a guy, and your spouse/partner/girlfriend/whatever has ever been pregnant you know what we are talking about.

Every woman IS crazy when they are pregnant. PERIOD.

The problem is this is not an often talked about club and for obvious reasons.  Most men don’t share their personal issues with other men.

But what a disservice.  Wandering around in the world are hopeless, clueless men anticipating the excitement of having their first child and then…BAM…they get an egg hurled at their head because they want to watch Sunday Night Football instead of Grey’s Anatomy.

And that’s when they join the club.

It wasn’t until just recently that I learned I was not alone in the “CrazyPregnantWife” club.  I was with a co-worker who asked me how things were going with the pregnancy and I responded with the Politically Correct, “Fine”.  It was at this point that he went into a tirade of stories about his CrazyPregnantWife.


My whole perspective on the pregnancy and my CrazyPregnantWife changed.

And I realized…we GUYS, owe it to all men to spread the word…and so you have…

Please email your CrazyPregnantWife stories to

Or visit us on twitter and tweet or DM us your story.

We will review the story and post as appropriate.  Along with your story, please provide a first name, age, and location (Brad, 34, Toledo, OH); if you want to protect yourself feel free to make up a name and/or location.  Also, feel free to post comments on great stories as well.  We need your stories to make this blog great.

Thanks and Enjoy,


Please note: By submitting an entry via email, Twitter or by posting on the site you are giving permission to and its editors to edit and publish the material and use it any way they deem necessary (thus releasing your rights to the material).  Any personal information will be kept private (Full name, phone number, email address, etc).


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