• 01:27:19 pm on February 1, 2011 | 0

    No shoes for you!

    From: Steven, 30, Boston, MA

    My wife is a lunatic now.  She is almost in her 6th month. She whines and complains about everything.  Last week she flipped out on me.  I told her that I wanted to buy her a new pair of shoes, because the ones she had on smelled.  I thought that it was nice gesture, what woman doesn’t want her husband to buy her a new pair of shoes?!?

    Well, she went crazy.  She started saying horrible things to me and bringing things from the past that aren’t even relevant anymore, like how I waste money on things she doesn’t like.

    Then, she took the salad I was eating and threw it in my face.  Yes, she threw my salad in my face.  Salad dressing was everywhere; lettuce all over the house.

    Needless to say, I am in the dog house and all I wanted to do was buy her a pair of shoes.


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